Finding Growth

Growth comes from experiencing moments that are larger than you are. Or at least appear larger than you believe you are.

The humility that naturally emerges from walking into situations where you are the underdog hardens us, strengthens us and makes us aspire to be that which we have not yet realized.

It is in these moments when we stare upon the stage of possibilities and wonder how, that our spirits stir and we begin new journeys. It is in these moments that we reach into the depths of our inner self to find the strength and courage to bring us through.

The power to lead and ability to walk into the unknown emerge.

We stand face to face with our doubts and fears with nowhere to hide.

Stretch beyond what you know, and what you think yourself possible. That’s when the lone blade of grass breaks through the concrete barrier and leads others to the light.

There are moments that turn your reality inside out. Seek these moments, and you’ll find growth not yet imagined.

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