Creating a Solutions Mindset

Early in my life I adopted the belief that there are no problems, only solutions. This fundamental belief guided not only my life, but also how I managed and led teams.

When your focus is solely on a problem, you approach the world from a victim mindset. Your situation becomes something that’s happened to you or somehow isn’t of your making or responsibility. However, when you look at a situation with a solutions mindset, you are automatically empowered.

You’ve mentally moved beyond the problem and have shifted your energy and focus to what you want. You are in control of your destiny. This can be a scary place at first because you can no longer blame other people or the economy or political opponents, or whatever for your state of affairs.

Instead you take ownership for fixing the situation. It doesn’t matter if this is in business or your personal life, the result and impact are always the same.

As I look back on my life, this truth has been evident. Whenever my focus was on things that were failing or issues that seemed insurmountable, the sky suddenly started to fall. And the worst part is that the process is cyclical; as the problem dominoes begin to fall your situation tends to only get worse.

At one point, I let myself slide into this cycle and it nearly ended in a personal financial and business failure. Yet, once I took my own advice and shifted my state into the realm of what’s possible, it forced me to take ownership of the situation and to create solutions. In the end I succeeded in taking a near catastrophic situation and turning it into a great success story–just by shifting my focus and mindset.

I write this on Election Day because I wonder what our country would be like if the people we elect today are focused not on each others problems, but rather on solutions to the challenges that face us all. It seems our airwaves are jammed with nothing but polarizing rants about issues that are always of somebody else’s creation.

As American citizens and voters we are empowered to create our own destiny. Its time we no longer accept problem mindsets from our politicians and that we go to the polls today with a solutions mindset and demand the same of the people we send to Congress.


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